SMSS Demo Source Files Download and Viewable Demo Video

The SuperMediaSlideShow Media Source Download is available using the below link. 

Keep in mind this is a demo video produced in an attempt to keep it short and small and mostly meant to show/test features and function of the SMSS OBS Lua Script.  This video was produced using freely available stock Photos and short Videos/Audio available on the internet.  It is not intended to be a work of beautiful art.  However, I am using SMSS myself to assemble/produce a hopefully very nice video of several thousand very old family photos and snippets of old Super 8 1950s/60s Home movies all collected into approximately 10 Scenes with intermissions and introduction and Epilogue/Credits etc.  That video is expect to run somewhere in the 2 to 3 hours range when completed (hence the inclusions of Intermissions :-)).

You can play/view the currently produced SMSS DEMO/TEST Video here.

You can download the source files used to produce this video using OBS and the SMSS OBS Script (download from github).  This ZIP file contains all the media files needed to produce the Demo Video.  Use the ScenesList configuration as a guide to setup your own Demo Show.  You will need to create your Show Group, Text, Image and Media sources and the Scenes as viewed in the SMSS Users Guide PDF, Chapter 8, Multi-Scene Example.  Not shown specifically in the User Guide -- I also created a "BaseScene" that contained a MediaSlide Show (random at about 12 second intervals) of the background images folder, (in the zip file) and a VLC Media source that played the included PTAs_BgMusic.mp3 file.  I included this basescene in each of the show scenes so as to setup the background imagery and the background Music also to ensure a continuity of the music from scene to scene.  The scenes used range from Intro, Planes, Trains and Autos and finally a Credits scene.  The background Music fades in initially and then fades out during videos and fades back to normal when showing photos and finally fades to zero when the show completes at the end of the Credits.

Click Here to Download SMSS_Demo_MediaSourceFiles.zip