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RITEWay Reorgs is how you can simplify the maintenance and optimize the performance of your Synergy/DE DBMS ISAM data files.

Riteway has been released as an open source GPL sourced project.  You can get more information at  Free downloads are available via the project web site.

Updated: New Generation 2 Released!  We've now changed Riteway to a suite!  You not only get the original rock solid reorgs of Riteway-fconvert but you also get the new Riteway-isutl application.  This adds file performance tuning features to the suite by bringing the features of the Synergy isutl utility to an even better level of ease of use than the original Riteway provided.  Keep an eye on this web site for more updates to come.

RITEWay Reorgs.

Did you know that your Synergy/DE DBMS ISAM data files are really a very high performance data file subsystem?  It's True!  However, to keep these files performing at peak efficiency, it becomes necessary to periodically reorganize them.

  1. The first question for many users of these data files is "What files do I reorganize?".  The usual answer is that it depends on the design, structure and usage patterns of data files by your applications. Often the determination is made by some applications level experience and or guessing!
  2. The next question is "How often do I reorganize my files once I figure out which ones?".  The answer here is the same as the answer to the first question.

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions does not help.  Without tooling to help you easily gather the  empirical evidence needed to make informed decisions, you continue to expend large amounts of work studying and managing your files the hard way.

RITEWay Reorgs is the interactive tool that searches your system for DBMS ISAM data files, analyzes them and identifies the right files for you. Files are identified by examining the internal statistics of the data files themselves.

With  RITEWay Reorgs - You finally have empirical evidence to base your decisions on!  You can review the candidate list of files along with the critical internal information that qualifies a file for reorganization and finally, you can execute a reorganization procedure on any or all of the file(s).

With RITEWay Reorgs, you won't waste time by letting your system get bogged down with excess file record overhead.  By periodically reorganizing and tuning your DBMS ISAM data files you keep your applications and servers running their best.  This means happy users, happy administrators, happy management and valuable time saved.

RITEWay Reorgs is a stand alone Graphical UI program for either Windows or Linux.  Operation of the program on either platform is virtually identical.  It has no outside 3rd party application dependencies other then simply utilizing a standard Synergy/DE operating environment.  It utilizes the standard Synergy/DE DBMS file utilities for file analysis, indexing and reordering.  This program takes all the brute force work out of your hands and makes file reorganizations fast, safe and reliable via the click of the mouse.


You can download Riteway and try it out very easily.  Just put the executable on your desktop and run it (double click).

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