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Riteway-MPeForms is a production printing application that was originally designed to enable you to print lineprinter oriented output to any laser printer with automatic background forms merging such as an Invoice, Purchase Order etc.  Riteway-MPeForms also multiplexs pages to emulate multi-part pre-printed tractor feed printer forms.  You can also add backside pages/content to your print jobs resulting in perfect duplex mode printable output.  It is often used to support the printer output of many business ERP systems but can be used for much much more.


Your legacy line printer type print jobs are captured and converted to standard PDF documents and Riteway-MPeForms then multiplexs the pages to reproduce your multi-part forms and merge your supplied background PDF image (ie. an Invoice, Purchase Order etc.) into each page.  The result is a final PDF file that you usually then forward to a real printer queue. If you want, you can set it to not delete the finshed PDF document, resulting in the accumulation of these documents in a named folder.  You can share, backup, archive them as you wish.  Riteway-MPeForms even supports adding backside pages to your print jobs by inserting additional pages (also supplied in PDF form) into the page stream so that you can conveniently print the job on a Duplexing printer and get two sided page printing!  You want to email the document to a standard email address, Riteway-MPeForms can do that too.


Riteway-MPeForms is deployed as a Linux print server running the CUPS® printing sub system (both free).  Functionally, it is a cups-pdf post processor application.  The Riteway-MPeForms Post Processor is executed after a cups-pdf print queue despools, and prints - to PDF - an inbound print job.   Riteway-MPeForms then operates on the generated PDF file to provide its' unique features of Page Multiplexing, Background Page Merging, Printer Forwarding, EMailing etc.  Administratively, you setup a CUPS-PDF printer queue for each special form, provide special forms background imagry as a one or more page PDF file as well as (optional) backside imagery and probably the name of a (real) printer queue for your final output.  Your original print job is transformed into a professional form with exact repeatability every time.  You not only get your completed forms printed, but you also get the final document as a standard PDF file, so you can keep them as you wish for document archiving.


Riteway-MPeForms is a solution that was originally developed to provide a low cost, highly reliable means of printing legacy text oriented print jobs.  In practice it works on most anything limited by your creativity.  There are no user licenses or limits etc.  It can handle as many jobs as your hardware can handle.  It is simple and integrates well to the standard CUPS-PDF printing subsystem on Linux systems.  All processing is based on PDF files so while it was designed for the handling of legacy line printer jobs to multi-part tractor feed forms, it can actually take any kind of print jobs from any platform and the result is a finished PDF file ready for printing, emailing, archiving etc.

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