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A Spyratech NOC SMB Server combines our near zero footprint NOC Foundation Boards with one or more Ultra Compact High Performance PC Servers to achieve high performance, low power and quiet servers that make for a cost effective computing platform.  These systems move you closer to the idea that a lot of computing ought be like an appliance.

Powerfully Compact PCIn recent years, we've seen the explosion of high performance Ultra-Compact PCs.  We've selected the Gigabyte Brix series of these PCs as serious candidates for a variety of SMB servers.  These models all come as bare-bones systems ie: no ram and no disk.  When combined with quality, fast dual channel ram and SSD storage modules, these systems demonstrate they can deliver serious performance at low commodity level costs.

Brix-PROWe often recommend the Gigabyte Brix-PRO model for many server implementations as it sports a 4th generation 3.9Ghz Turbo Speed Quad-Core Hyper-Threaded Intel Core-I7 processor with full support for Machine Virtualization.  A system like this at idle consumes less than 30 watts.  These systems have a full SATA3 6Gbps mSATA slot for primary storage and a 2.5inch SATA3 expansion bay allowing for secondary or RAID1 storage configurations.  We always use quality super fast SSD storage for maximum performance and reliability.  Memory on these systems is based on up to 16GB of 1600Mhz DDR3 Dual Channel RAM.  They attach to the network with a full Gigabit 1000/BaseT (Gigabit) port and support four blazingly fast USB 3.0 ports that can transfer at up to 4.8Gbps.

NOC Wall ViewWe build these panels with one or more PC Servers and deploy them as ultra-fast file, application, web, database servers and virtualization hosts.  While we call a single panel system a NOC Board, when you add a 2nd or even a 3rd panel you can achieve so much more as a NOC Wall!  When compared to a rack of tower type PC servers, associated cabling mess and UPS's, these systems are amazingly self-contained and portable and can competitively help to eliminate the rack footprint, noise, heat and high energy consumption. Along with the long list of functional features/benefits - they simply look great!

UPS StatsTo keep these systems safe, we always integrate a UPS for maximum protection.  These systems are like a self contained mini data center. The UPS provides battery backup and surge protection for BOTH A/C power AND its network connection. This isolates and protects every device on the panel from all off-panel power spikes whether the source is A/C power or the network cable.  A standard APC UPS-PRO Series BR700G 450 watt unit provides full protection to all devices on the panel.  The UPS itself usually reports a battery load of less than 10%, at an average of less than 30 watts load you can experience about an hour of on-battery operations.

These machines can be built with either Linux or MS Windows Operating Systems.  We've deployed these machines with Linux operating systems (with and without consoles) as fileservers while at the same time hosting several virtual machine instances preserving mission critical legacy business systems such as Windows 20xx, SCO Unix ERP and Linux Web servers and more.

USB Disk on NOC ShelfFor backups, we're utilizing the very fast USB 3.0 ports with commodity external USB 3.0 disks.  We find they are fast and because they are hot-plugable - they are easy to swap when performing a backup media rotation policy.  Instead of backing up to high cost tape with a backup window that can run up to many hours, these backups can now run in minutes to 10's of minutes.

The more we work with these systems, the more we find they perform and are very competitive with other approaches.


NOC Small Business Server Features
Servers are based on fast Ultra-Compact PC's
With a quality UPS, all on-board devices are electrically isolated and protected at both the AC power and network connections

Low power usage, very little heat and very quiet

Uses USB 3.0 External Commodity disks for backups
Uses High Quality, Fast Name Brand SSD for storage
Gigabyte Brix-PRO models have 2nd storage bay allowing secondary or RAID 1 redundancy

Typically built with one, two or more servers

Runs most any Operating System such as MS Windows or Linux Hangs invisibly on wall - requires no floor or table space

Uses commodity devices - no magic - just simplicity!

Low power usage means long battery runtime during power outage Small business capable platform and great conversation piece

  • Imagine these piled on a table!
    Rasberry PI, Gigabyte Brix Ultra-Compact Server, 2TB NAS, 8 Port Gig Switch, Cable Modem, NetGear WiFi Router/Firewall and power supplies.
  • Full One Server Solution
    Single Server, Console, USB Shelves for day to day Backups, Keyboard and UPS makes a whole small business solution.
  • Server and USB Shelves Closeup
    While hanging on the wall, you have a proper place for your external USB disks for day to day Backups and a console for needed access.
  • USB Shelves For Backups
    Neatly organized shelves for your day to day backups. Elastic Velcro straps securely hold disks.
  • Bottom View of USB Shelves
    A pad of Velcro provides a long life secure means of attaching straps for disk drive hold downs.
  • Flat Panel VESA Mount on 4x4 NOC Pad
    A Wall Mount VESA Flat Panel adapter securely attached on a 4x4 NOC Pad let's you place your console flat panel anywhere you like.
  • All In One Single Server
    A Server, Console and UPS with Backup USB Disk(s) Stations. Great for getting started!
  • Perfectly Functional
    This fully configured panel with 3.9Ghz Core-I7 Quad Processor with up to 1TB of fast SSD storage has serious capabilites!
  • No Magic - Just Simplicity!
    Shelves for Multiple USB Disks makes Data Backups convenient, fast and easilly accessible.
  • A Dual Server Powerhouse!
    Dual 3.9Ghz Core I7 Quad Processors with full UPS AC Power and Network protection means serious business.
  • The Application(s) and File/Database Server Package
    Dual Servers, Console, Full UPS Protection, Dual System Backup Stations with room to grow provides a seriously functional system for most any small business.
  • Sized for Real Work
    Replace some or all of your existing systems, clean up the floor and tables and move forward.
  • *** The Ultimate Configuration ***
    Servers, Data Backup Stations, System Console, Full A/C Power and Network Protection, Expansion space for other devices such as WiFi, routers, firewalls, cable modems and more.
  • *** Bases Covered ***
    Full Function Fast Servers, Self Contained, Power and Network Protection, Expansion/Growth Space = Small Business Capable!


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