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The Spyratech NOC Board is an innovative and compact wall hung foundation for mounting your Network and Computing devices.  It is designed to be flexible in layout options, provide excellent wire management and make a neat, organized, attractive and space savings implementation.

Dual Brix CAD Layout Unlike high cost, large footprint rack mounting, our innovative wall design allows for a configurable layout that can be changed over time.  This means that it can grow with your business all while maintaining a near zero footprint.

Base BoardThe Spyratech NOC boards integrated wire management system enables a neat and tidy implementation. How many times have you seen a server sitting in the same place for years with a confusion of cables and connectors twisting out the back with an unsightly UPS reserving valuable floor space? The longer it sits there, the less anyone wants to disturb it. With a Spyratech NOC board, these functions can be consolidated onto a wall hung platform that compactly eliminates the problem.

The Spyratech NOC board is CAD engineered, constructed from high quality 15mm furniture grade Baltic Birch and precision CNC machined with professional quality finishing.  The precision drilled hole grid provides near unlimited layout possibilities using our matching NOC Pad and NOC Shelf device mounts.  This mounting strategy raises devices above the panel surface to facilitate and maximizes essential natural air circulation around as many sides of all your devices as possible.

2x4Pads4x4PadsWe use NOC Pads to provide standoffs or as a working surface for small device mounting.  Example devices include small/medium switches, Ultra-Compact PC Servers, WiFi Routers, Cable/DSL Modems, KVM switches, floor style (rear mount) UPS's, VESA bracket flat panel displays and more.

5Inch Shelf Top Rear5Inch Shelf Bot RearWe use NOC Shelves for mounting mini tower style UPS's, keyboards, mice, SMB NAS Storage units, USB Hubs as well as for holding external commodity USB disk drives for server backups or other network storage. These shelves are secured to the main panel with screws into cross dowels and can support up to 35 lbs. with confidence.  Using NOC Shelves or NOC Pads, you can organize most any component you have!

Hangman_mountSL1 Security LockTo mount your panel on the wall, we use the Hangman Products, Heavy Duty 18 Inch Picture Hanger.  This extruded aluminium hanger can support up to 200 lbs.  It even includes a bubble level to aide installation.  It's design models the French cleat and remains hidden behind the panel.  To facilitate security, anchoring the bottom of the panel, we use the HM SL-1 security latch so that lifting the panel off the wall first requires a special tool to be inserted to release the locking mechanism.

NOC Foundation Board Features
CAD Engineered, Precision CNC Machined HANGMAN® 18" Heavy-Duty wall hanger. Rated to 200 pounds*

HANGMAN® SL-1 Security Latch

Flexible device layout. NOC Pads attach from rear through breadboard hole grid
Furniture Quality Finish
Wire Management. Open Slot 1.3 inch PVC Wire Duct

Flexible Vertical or Horizontal Hanging

Variety of NOC Mounting Pads support varying device sizes  Quality, Made from furniture grade Baltic Birch

Wall Mounted, Highly Functional. Saves valuable floor space and looks great!

NOC Mounting Shelves support a variety of devices NOC Pad mounting strategy. Facilitates maximum open air around your devices

  • Base panel has feet on rear as well as the perimeter wire way installed. Hangman is installed on the desired edge based on hanging horizontal or vertical.
  • Panel with open wire ways, Horrizontal layout, Server on left, flat panel and kb center and UPS on right. Extra wireways optional.
  • Shows a base panel with various shelves and pads mounted for example purposes.
  • Base panel has feet on rear as well as the perimeter wire way installed. Hangman is installed on the desired edge based on hanging horizontal or vertical.
  • These pads are used as standoffs or mounting pads depending on the device type and mounting options eg: mounts Brix Power Supply or as a standoff behind a UPS. Slot cutout allows use of holddown straps etc.
  • Used to mount devices such as a Ultra-Compact PC Server, small network switch or flat panel etc. Secondary hole sets allow layout offset between hole columns or use 4 screws for max strength. Slot cutout allows for holddown straps etc.
  • 2x4 and 4x4 NOC Pads and 5 Inch Shelf in top front view.
  • Use these pads and shelf units as needed to build your panel to your needs.
  • Shelves and Pads Collection. Combined with a Foundation Board enables building a system that is functional to your needs!
  • 5 Inch Shelf viewed from top rear with 1/4-20x 40mm mounting screws installed. These shelves mount securely to the base panel and can hold up to 35 pounds.
  • 5 Inch Shelf standing on mounting screws showing the top side. These shelves mount securely to the base panel and can hold up to 35 pounds.
  • Shelf from bottom rear view shows 1/4-20 40mm mounting screws and cross dowels installed. These shelves mount very securely to the base panel.
  • The Hangman mount with both halves shown in their natural orientations but disengaged for detail view.
  • Shows both halves of Hangman hanger in the engaged position.
  • Shows how the SL-1 connects.
  • Shows the SL-1 lock fingers engaging with the wall bracket. Lift the panel flat to the wall, engage the hanger at top and then lower the panel fully into the lock. Removal requires a special release tool to disengage the lock.


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