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We've been providing IT System Administration type services for years.  We're notably skilled in most versions of commercial Unix from SCO Unix to AIX, HP-UX and particularly most popular distributions of Linux.  Yes - we do Windows too.

We can work on your programming projects to get results.  We've been professionally programming for 30+ years in many languages.  If you have projects in PHP, Perl, Tck/TK, Shell Script or Synergy DBL for Linux, Windows or any other Unix platform, we're capable of understanding your needs and producing managed code.

RiteWay Reorgs is how you can simplify the maintenance and optimize the performance of your Synergy/DE DBMS ISAM data files.

News Update: January, 2016 - Riteway-isutl and Riteway-fconvert V4.4.0 have been released.  This new version is released as a 64 bit Linux and 32 bit Windows version tested with Synergy/DE V10.3x and has itself been built under its most up to date language build toolset.  The newest feature in this release is that on the Linux platform, we've added what we call LCM - Life Cycle Monitoring.  LCM for Windows is available via manual setup of the recurring job within the Windows Scheduled Jobs Manager.

Jobs are setup in a platforms job scheduling system to periodically scan your files for key file metrics and graphical plots can be interactively generated.  Check out the screen shots below.  If you have a serious Synergy DBMS ISAM database, then this feature is for you.  Other new features allow individual or en masse patching of ISAM files to current rev level, explicit up/down or auto increase file page sizes during file reorder operations, tuning files with explicit support for TByte and Compress file attributes.  The GUI has been cleaned up for smoother/faster repaints.  Additional buttons on the Toolbar are placed for easier switching from standard to the more comprehensive maximum view.

Riteway-MPeForms is a production printing application that was originally designed to enable you to print lineprinter oriented output to any laser printer with automatic background forms merging such as an Invoice, Purchase Order etc.  Riteway-MPeForms also multiplexs pages to emulate multi-part pre-printed tractor feed printer forms.  You can also add backside pages/content to your print jobs resulting in perfect duplex mode printable output.  It is often used to support the printer output of many business ERP systems but can be used for much much more.

** New ** Just released MPlex V2.0!!!

MPlex is a document Management System with printer forms merge and page multiplexing features.  It is built to be a repository for documents typically produced (ie Printed) by an ERP system.  Typical documents identified and archived include Invoices, Acknowledgements, Purchase Orders, Quotations, Packing Slips and more.  MPlex is an event driven backend job importer and a front end web application.  It runs on systems such as Redhat, CentOS and Fedora Linux.

A Spyratech NOC SMB Server combines our near zero footprint NOC Foundation Boards with one or more Ultra Compact High Performance PC Servers to achieve high performance, low power and quiet servers that make for a cost effective computing platform.  These systems move you closer to the idea that a lot of computing ought be like an appliance.


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