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Providing a truly valued service to your business is our primary objective.

SpyraTech has been in the computing industry since 1976 and has broad experience in many aspects of the industry. One of our primary experience levels has been related to core/principal software development, platform and applications integration.

Our most recent skills include over 3.5 years of direct php/html/css/js/mysql/db2 ground up web portal and XML web services development for a local insurance provider where Joomla! formed the foundation of the many components developed.  Here we implemented oop methodologies along with implementing a full Subversion code management system and aided in site intrusion detection and security remediation techniques etc.

We have also provided Unix systems administration services, network system performance monitoring, NetBackup Administration and standardization documentation within a large midwest bank and mid sized foundry's data center which has allowed for hands-on mid-range Unix systems work.

For over 10 years, SpyraTech has been actively promoting and utilizing tool sets such as VMware® and Linux KVM as a means of effecting efficient server/system consolidation by implementing server and workstation roles as virtual machines hosted on one or more hardware server(s), consequently yielding substantial cost savings in servers and data center shelf/floor space, cooling etc.

When developing software, we utilize tool sets that get the job done and promote cross platform open source solutions. Our customers are informed of what services we provide throughout a project. Any tool sets we provide to a customer are commonly open source (you have the code). When providing systems administration services, we know how systems ought to be configured and run, and we seek to establish a system in a form that promotes ongoing ease in management while balancing with existing configurations.  We like to think that systems should be setup to run like an appliance!

We provide TCM ERP Unix platform migration and support services. Many TCM/ERP customers would like to move their system to either newer hardware and/or to a new location while maintaining operational continuity. They often have difficulty in finding the right expertise to confidently perform the migration. SpyraTech solves this problem.

We can provide Sys Admin and Programming services for Frontline/Orbotech Genesis 2000 PCB CAM software environments.  We have provided significant systems with many of these CAM users hosted on a single Linux Server using VNC Server configurations with Web GUI Management tools.

Our skill sets are primarily in Unix/Linux platform deployments and we are knowledgeable in the implementation of these platforms within MS Windows based networks. Our Unix/Linux experience dates from 1991 with having experience as the principal systems integration role for EMS in building and deploying the EMS Unix TCM ERP product.

Just some of our Skills and Tool sets:

  • Synergy DBL on OpenVMS, Linux/Unix's and MS Windows
  • VMware Workstation & Server & ESX - A Virtualization system
  • KVM - A Linux based Machine Virtualization system
  • SCO Unix Virtualization Migrations
  • Veritas/Symantec NetBackup Enterprise Server
  • OMPlus SAP Integrated Print Server
  • CUPS, CUPS-PDF Linux based Printing SubSystem
  • Tcl/Tk, Perl, PHP Dynamic Languages Programming
  • Unix Scripting - Perl, Bash, Korn, Tcl/TK
  • OpenVMS - Systems Admin, DCL & BASIC Programming
  • Rsync - A data file replication toolset
  • Unix - HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO-Unix
  • X11 Windows and TCP/IP Networking
  • Linux - Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Knoppix, SuSe and others
  • Apache Web Server, LAMP Systems
  • Adobe ColdFusion with Ajax based DoJo Toolkit Javascript library
  • Joomla! - A PHP/Apache/MySQL Content Managed web site system
  • Joomla! - Component & Module Development
  • PHPRunner - A Web Application development tool set
  • PHP based Applications and Web Development.
  • Networking - DNS, DHCP, OpenLDAP, Samba SMB/CIFS File Serving
  • Secure & Encrypted file transfers using GPG, VSFTP, SCP etc.
  • CACTI - A PHP/Apache/MySQL trend and performance data collection system
  • Various terminal/print server equipment
  • Genesis 2000 CAM Tcl, Perl and Shell Scripting,
  • VNCServer administraion for Frontline/Orbotech Genesis-2000 CAM systems
  • And Much Much More...

Contact Information:
SpyraTech International LLC
T: 414-659-0146
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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